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The Library receives about 140 current periodicals and collects about 710 other periodicals. Most periodicals, except for recent issues of periodicals currently received, are housed in alphabetical order on the outside walls of both the first floor and Mezzanine of the library.

Periodicals beginning with the letters “A” through “Et” are on the first floor and “Eu” through “Z” are on the Mezzanine. Periodicals do not circulate, except by special permission of the Librarian. For a complete list of the periodicals in our collection, click the button below.

Journals and Magazines Online

9Marks JournalImaginative Conservative
Acts & Facts Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament
AFA Journal Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies
Asbury Journal Journal of Contemporary Ministry
Asian Missions Advance Journal of Dispensational Theology
Beacon Lights Journal of Markets and Morality
British Reformed Journal Journal of Presbyterian History
Biblical Archaeological Review Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
By Faith Master’s Seminary Journal
CCEF Now Mid-American Baptist Theological Seminary Journal
Chafer Theological Journal Mission Frontiers 
Concordia Journal Outlook
Christian Action Presbyterian Network
Christian Education Journal Pro Rege
Christian Libertarian Protestant Reformed Journal
Christian Research Journal Puritan Reformed Journal
Citizen Magazine Reformation Today
Detroit Baptist Journal Reformed Harold
Diakonia Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal
East-West Ministry Report Religion and Liberty
Evangelical Journal Scriptura Journal
Explorer (Free Church of Scotland Continuing) Southeastern Theological Review
Faith and Philosophy Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
First Things Studies in Puritanism Journal
Good News (RP Church, Scotland) Themelios
Gospel Standard Trinity Review
Henceforth Vox Reformata
Human Life Review Westminster Theological Journal
Imprimis World Magazine
Young People’s Magazine (Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland)

Periodical Archives and Indexes

C19 Index Google Theological Journal Index
Christian Periodical Index Jewish Studies (RAMBI)
Cooperative Digital ResourcesLancaster Theological Seminary Archive
Digital Commons Princeton Digital Collections
Digital South Asia Library Western European Periodical Index
Directory of Open Access Journals

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