Presbyterian & Reformed Churches

North America

Associated Reformed Presbyterian Churches (ARPC)

Canadian Reformed Churches (CanRC)

Reformed Church of Quebec  (ERQ)

Free Reformed Churches of North America (FRCNA)

Heritage Reformed Congregations  (HRC)

Korean American Presbyterian Church (KAPC)

Korean Presbyterian Church in America (KPCA)

Netherlands Reformed Congregations (NRC)

Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC)

Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Presbyterian Reformed Church (PresRC)

Protestant Reformed Churches (PRC)

Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS)

Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America  (RPCNA)

United Reformed Churches in North America  (URCNA)


Associated Presbyterian Churches

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland


Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia

Southern Presbyterian Church of Australia