Books circulate for four weeks and may be renewed two times, for a total of twelve weeks.

If needed by another patron, books are subject to recall after circulating for two weeks. If the book you want is checked out, you can reserve it through the online catalog by placing a “hold” on it.

Non-circulating items may be checked out through special permission of the Librarian.

To check out a book, you must use the Circulation Computer located in the Reference Room next to the fireplace. First, hold your Seminary ID barcode under the scanner. Your personal record will be displayed. Then, hold the barcode of each item (found at the top of the back cover) you want under the scanner. When you are finished, click the “log out” button, in order to remove your name and barcode number from the public display; otherwise, someone else can check out library materials in your name. Retrieve the printout of your transaction, which indicates the due date.

Our cataloging system automatically sends email reminders to patrons five (5) days before their items are due. The system also sends overdue notices to our patrons, alerting them of overdue items on their account. Once students have received their final overdue notice (after three email notices and one written notice), their library account will be blocked, and a hold will be placed on their Seminary account. These holds will only be removed after the overdue items have been returned to the Library and fines have been paid. If you receive an overdue or fine notice which you believe is in error, contact Jordan Feagley by emailing

Though this system has been activated as a courtesy to our patrons, it is the patron’s responsibility to know when his or her item(s) are due. Current Seminary students will have library notices emailed to their RPTS address. Notices to Seminary alumni and other patrons will be sent to their most recent email address. In order for this program to work effectively, it is imperative that the Library staff have your current email address on file. If you are a patron (non-current student) of the RPTS library and have changed your email address, please contact the library at

If you want to renew an item which may be renewed, you may also do so through the Seminary’s website. All renewed materials are subject to recall by the Library at any time for the use of another patron. Renewals are not permitted if you have an outstanding fine. For online renewals, you will need to input your library card number and your PIN, which is the last four digits of you library card number.

Faculty members have automatic renewals for up to one year, but their cooperation in returning materials promptly is appreciated.

Library materials may be checked out twenty-four hours a day, Monday through Saturday.

Items you wish to borrow must be properly checked out via your personal barcode. Removal of items from the Library premises without proper barcode checkout is grounds for automatic loss of library privileges and for suspension from student status.

The following lists summarize which items may be checked out versus those which are for in library use only.

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